Red Hand Roleplay

WMoT Session 30 pt 3 - The Thunder Rolls

August 27, 2019

Hello wonderful people!

Thanks for listening to Session 30 part 3! It’s time to wrap up the quest for rope this session, but a few member find themselves a little tied up! And just when they think the coast is clear the jelly starts to re-grow tentacles! Can they defeat this underwater hydra and make some sturdy rope? Well the DM keeps smiling and seems to think so, but the voice of Ludmila screams in the Discord chat for them to run. Who will they listen to? Make sure you listen to find out!

P.S. Be warned at about the 1 hour and 20 minute mark. I tried my best to lower the volume, but the group got pretty loud around here!

Stay safe out there and happy gaming!

Theme music is "The Company" by Breck McGough and our incidental music is from Tabletop Audio.

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