Red Hand Roleplay

WMoT Session 23 pt 1 - Off To Wulfa’s Hut We Go!

March 5, 2019

Hello wonderful people!


Thank you for listening to Session 23 part 1!

This week you get to hear the introduction for the episode from our DM Jonathan! Going forward you might even get to hear from other players! Also, this is the real start of season 2, guess I was a little confused on that part. We must not let our mistakes get us down, but battle onward! Anyways, Spring is springing in the world of Thule and the group is itching to get out and discover that mysterious tower across the river again. However, they make a pit stop at the hut of Wulfa the druid to see if he survived the Winter. They soon find that they are not the only beings on the move this Spring. Hope you all enjoy!

Stay safe out there and happy gaming!

Theme music is "The Company" by Breck McGough and our incidental music is from Tabletop Audio.

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