Red Hand Roleplay

WMoT Session 20 pt 6 - Sacrifice

January 22, 2019

Hello wonderful people!


Thank you for listening to Session 20 part 6!

This 6 part session has a final conclusion! Paavu has disappeared on the group and K'larl has run away. Will they be able to find Paavu in time to bring back Tor or is Paavu missing forever? More might need to be given for this ritual than the group can handle. Also who have the Modrigan brought out on another slab? Have a listen to find out!

We really appreciate you taking the time to listen to our little game. Feel free to leave a comment, review us on iTunes, and talk to us in Twitter @redhandroleplay! This storyline has been one crazy ride, but technically it's not over just yet! Be sure to tune in next week to see what I mean!

Stay safe out there and happy gaming!

Theme music is "The Company" by Breck McGough, incidental music is from Tabletop Audio.