Red Hand Roleplay

WMoT Session 13 Pt. 1 - It Speaks To You In Dreams

June 13, 2018

Ludmila, Korrthass, Cuthulian, Darvon, and in his Debut on the recording, Chas, All set out to help a druid from Willowdale named Wulfa build a hut for himself away from the colony and in a grove where he has found a significant amount of unique herbs with mysterious qualities! But this new strange land is starting to work its way into the minds of our Adventurers. They must be careful when out hunting monsters, that they do not become monsters themselves!

Holy Crap everyone! Over 500 downloads! Thank you all so much, so much further to go but we are so thankful for everyone single one of you who have helped and listened to our little show, you mean the world to us.

We have recorded our character creation for the L5R game which will be GM'd by Shey from The Jade Throne Podcast and our little band of Bushi are ready to experience what the land of Rokugan has to offer! Keep an eye out for that soon!

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