Red Hand Roleplay

L5R One Shot - Pt. 3 - Duel Lingo

July 24, 2018

Our wandering Samurai have travelled far - all The way to the Kaiu Wall to track down a dangerous murderer. And rather quickly our proud Lion Bushi wishes to take justce into her own hands - attempting to end the matter rightly in an honor-bound duel.

Once the matter is resolved it is time to lend effort to the wall itself and a coming onslaught which offers only curruption or death unless the brave soldiers can find a way to survive yet another night. 

Thank you very much for listening, The friends we have made in our short time make all of the struggles worth it.
Thank you to Shey and the Jade Throne Podcast for coming out to GM and guide us through our first romp in Rougan. Find them at @thejadethone and

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We hope you enjoyed this little diversion, but fret not, for the next episode of the West Marches of Thule is right around the corner! 

Keep being awesome!